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Nike Basic Scarlet Woman Edt Deo 200Ml

Nike Basic Scarlet Woman Edt Deo 200Ml

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She walks with a shroud of enigma surrounding each step that she takes. She is the girl whom you have always noticed from a distance, but never found the courage to talk to. She is the diva of your dreams, the silent object of your dreams. She instills a passion in you, and inspires a rare form of desire and reverence. Nike Basic brings the Scarlet Deo Spray for the dream-girl who makes your heart skip a beat with every move she makes. Bottled in a scarlet coloured flacon, theo?=Nike Basic Scarlet deodoranto?=embodies passion and femininity in its true essence. Intense and invigorating, the fragrance embraces your senses in a mesmerizing serenity and evokes the romantic tranquility of a sultry, summer afternoon. Ideal for daily wear, and affordably priced, theo?=Nike Basic Scarlet mass premiumo?=deo spray provides round-the-clock protection against bacteria, body odour and other sweat-related problems and keeps her smelling sweet, fresh and vibrant all through the day.
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