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Nike N150 Woman Scarlet Kiss Edt Deo Spray 200Ml

Nike N150 Woman Scarlet Kiss Edt Deo Spray 200Ml

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If deep, intense aromas fascinate you, N150o?=Scarlet Kiss from Nike is the perfect deo spray for you. Rich and soulful, this enigmatic fragrance enthralls with its intoxicating charm and fills your senses with dense, exotico?=pleasure. Theo?=Nike N150 Scarlet Kisso?=is an expression of passion and seduction and is designed elegantly for the 21st century femme fatale. The assortment of bright and flamboyant, floral notes hits you with an invigorating charm and seduces with its aura of robust femininity. For the bold and expressive, contemporary woman, the Nike N150 Scarlet Kiss mass premium is a deo spray that embraces you in a powerful and revitalizing sensation and makes your day come alive with its fabulous freshness. Enchanting in its intensity, theo?=Nike N150 Scarlet Kisso?=mass premiumo?=deodorant provides round-the-clock protection against germs, body odour or sweat-related troubles and keeps you feeling fresh as a flower, all day long.
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