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Nike Sensual Deo 200 Ml Woman

Nike Sensual Deo 200 Ml Woman

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A good deodorant is refreshing in its application and maintains the perfect blend of intense and light aromas to add a feel-good factor to your day. A passionate blast of joyful aromas, theo?=Nike Sensual Touch Deo Sprayo?=is a seductive concoction of floral and fruity fragrances, that mix beautifully to produce a voluptuously sweet, feminine scent. Designed essentially for the carefree and free-spirited woman, who believes in living life to the fullest and stands as an epitome of charisma and sensuality, the Nike Sensual Touch works brilliantly with any range of casual wear. Luxuriantly rich and romantic in its suggestion and joyously flamboyant in its spirit, this mesmerizing deo spray lasts all through the day, keeping you smelling gorgeously fresh and feeling amazingly energetic and empowered. The uniquely formulated solution fights germs round the clock and prevents undesirable problems such as sweat or body odour. With theo?=Nike Sensual Touch Mass Premiumo?=Eau de Toilette Deodorant, bring out the erotically elegant woman in you and express your femininity with all its vibrancy and youthfulness.
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